I was determined to make it this week, to join Dale and Mary for a plein air outing at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum. They were painting in the garden, and there was an international colored pencil exhibit inside. With a late start, Ed & I headed south down Rt 1 towards Grenada Blvd... We parked on the east side of the garden and walked down the paved path to find Mary set up with oils, painting some jungle greenery...and just down the path a little further, past a pretty lily covered pond,  we saw Dale. What a wonderful spot she chose I thought, admiring the tall thicket of baby bamboo nearby, and the winding stream circling her chair...But getting closer I could see a small cloud of mosquitoes, enjoying the same location, and Dale too!  She got up to move, and I went in to see the exhibit, which was truly impressive!...I wondered at the great number of talented artists we have in this world...So many expert draftsmen and prolific with colored pencil as well!  
     Well,  my considerate husband promised to get lost for a while, leaving me to paint with Mary and Dale. I thought I'd last possibly a half hour in that heat, and sat down next to Mary on the bench... It was exotic and tropical enough, with  banana trees,  ginger and wildflowers everywhere! What a great place to paint!  There were turtles, frogs, birds, waterfalls and ponds making this more of a tropical rainforest than a beachside city park! I thought I'd at least sketch, but there was way too much to talk about, and I hadn't seen my plein aire friends in a while.

...so we had a nice relaxing time chatting instead..., and we had a little discussion about ethical and not so ethical ways artists use to achieve a good drawing...which I think would make an interesting talk should anyone venture the topic!... but before I could really get started with any artwork, Ed had returned and wanted to get some lunch....what a nice little visit..short but sweet!
This place is definitely going to be revisited I'm sure!