Flat Creek Baptist Church Winter Watercolor

  10 x 4" watercolor & ink on rice paper
For the first time visitor to this Florida art blog it might seem strange to see such a snowy scene, but it's not Florida at all..My husband and I are wanna-be snow-birds temporarily living in New York in the remote chilly mountain town of Gilboa. I know...it's December and any self respecting snow-bird by now is comfortably settled in his Florida nest! Well we'll leave these single digit temps and get back there eventually I suppose....    Sounds crazy but I love the quiet crisp sparkly days at our little cabin in the hills and for the plein air painter, old snow covered barns, churches, farmhouses and bridges are everywhere, just waiting to be painted! It's been coming down since early November, and each morning brings a new blanket of that white stuff!  
     The church I've painted here has a history dating back to 1831...and although the congregation doesn't date back that far, there are some members who remember when cars, homes and church doors were left unlocked, especially up in the mountains! 
     Well, this is our little church, and it's a wonderful group of people that attend Flat Creek Baptist, and quite a few good cooks too...who bring the most delicious home baked treats to the Fellowship Hour after the service!  Not only is the location perfect, being just minutes from our house, but the Pastor is right on with his sermons! As for the desserts, enjoyable company and friendly conversation, just can't say enough, and so this past Sunday, with a satisfied sweet tooth, and in a forgetful mood, I left my bible behind that day...which was the reason for my visit today...Thank goodness the Pastor lives right past the church, and was gracious enough to give me the key...and as I was unlocking the side door, I thought to myself what a shame it is that even a remote mountain church can't be left open! .Anyway..I did find my bible, just where I left it... and decided to sketch the church as well.It looked so pretty in the snow!