Safford Hill in Mackey, Gilboa, NY ..Watercolors on rice paper

 Looking around for something to paint, I pulled off to the side of the road opposite a peaceful scene with hay bales scattered around this amazingly green field. The mountains beyond took a dip and seem to disappear off to the left. It's so quiet in these mountains...a different kind of peace..there's just no one around..except for a few cows, roosters, owls, the occasional farmer...someone hanging clothes or gardening, picking blueberries, apples or flowers...and if you look closely, the occasional plein air painter.. I comfortably painted Safford Hill. Not a car went by for the duration.  Finally, in the distance one lonely figure appeared at the bend in the turned out to be our neighbor, who walks up that road every day to meet her husband coming back from work. We said hello and talked for a while, and then another neighbor drove by and stopped to see what was going on. Then her husband came by and stopped...must have looked like a traffic jam at that point I guess!
Safford Hill in October
Safford Hill off Guinea Rd