Kayaking and Plein Air - a great combination!

Painting in this heat can be a bit discouraging, and since there was very little positive feedback for this week, I couldn't resist Dale's invitation to take her kayaks out on the Intracoastal! With my sketch pad and bare painting essentials safely zip locked in waterproof plastic, I met her at her home in the C's. We climbed aboard our crafts and effortlessly paddled out thru the canals to the ICW. There was a delightful breeze, and gliding along admiring the beautiful homes and docks restored my faith in Palm Coast again. It's quite a wonderful place really, in spite of its nasty red light cameras, unfair taxes, ridiculously high water bills, fees and fines!  

In the perfect world on Thursdays, artists everywhere should abandon laundry, facebook obligations and Zimmerman episodes and drive or paddle far away from the house to sketch or paintFinding a place this day was no problem since there were unlimited places of interest along either shore. We discovered a heavily wooded spot with shade where the deeply exposed roots of the pines dropped off onto the bank below, creating an interesting subject for our masterpieces! Our kayaks made excellent waterside seats as we sketched away to the sound of birds and dolphins.

I've decided it all makes perfect sense to explore this part of Palm Coast repeatedly, and very often if possible, by kayak!! If anyone else in our group has the same opportunity, I suggest jumping on it!

Not wanting to chance getting my real camera wet, I brought my antiquated cell phone. But since each picture requires clearing the limited memory, it's too time consuming to take each one, time enough for me to drift away in the kayak. Ha! Here's what was supposed to be a nice closeup of Dale paddling! and in this next picture, if you look carefully with a magnifying glass
you can see a carousel horse in the window of that house!  
So, now that it's obvious that kayaking and plein air make a great combination, I'll be taking advantage of ery op from now on!
Dale's vibrant Watercolor and ink

 My 'Florida Roots' in watercolor and ink
a distant shot of the carousel horse