The ICW at Herschel King was Kinda Orange!!

But the view from the dock was magnificent!! 

     .and there were lively schools of fish darting back and forth along the waters edge below. I was so startled by the scene, I just forgot to snap a picture...but the water really was orange...a sort of murky orange, and I assumed it might have been the red tide you hear about from time to time. Not that it bothered the fishing though, according to a couple of locals who were able to catch a few.

      Dale and I set up camp at the dock and focused on the scene to our west. It looked almost prehistoric I thought..with craggy palms reaching up thru the tangle of jungle growth to the clouds, some missing their tops
my pallet knife and brush experiment
probably a result of some past hurricane from years gone by. I had wanted to paint that view in oils for a while now, and this was the day!
Dale's pallet knife sharpened the scene before us!
  Georgia and Audrey painted in the pavilion and produced some nice pieces!

 Georgia's pallet knife cuts thru the woods with style!!

Audrey's enchanting tree study! ...

   Flo came out to check on us, and we before we knew it, we were gabbing away about all sorts of things unrelated to our mission! We also met a fisherwoman, and her husband, Alice, we enjoyed your company and hope someday you'll join us!!

Wooden'fiberglass' ships on the water..very free.... . found a very nice dreamy clip of that song below !!
     Also, we wanted to say hi to Mary Lee! We miss you! Have fun over there and keep painting!!