Painting at Herschel King

      Incredulously, the month of May has come and gone, and we wonder in amazement if time has really accelerated ! Some of the theories out there point to a different relationship between gravity, space and the speed of light....or the rotation of the earth etc..etc..... Whatever!! I just know I can't get as much done in a 24 hour period as I used to!  And so, with that in mind, for the plein air painter, there may be only one logical approach to the dilemma.... Paint faster and more often?? ..but observe the speed limits til you get there!! 
     This week, we were treated to an absolutely perfect painting day weather wise, and Herschel King Park's spacious pavilion served as an ideal outdoor studio for our group. Georgia, Dale and Audrey had their oil compositions already laid out and were deep in creation mode when I arrived.  Rita and Audrey Rosen showed up a little later, but all made the most of it as you can see from the works below!

Georgia's inviting waterview is a mix of brush and pallet knife! 

Audrey's dramatic composition is alive with strong value contrasts! 
Rita's impressionistic view of the sky and boat launch brings us to the entrance to the ICW and beyond!
The vantage point with a great view of the launch!

Such cooperative subject matter for my figure study in watercolor!!

Dale transforms mild mannered scenery into fire and fury....
and taken further into completion, is just beautiful!
The much admired tree painting of Audrey's. Love her handling of color, light and shadow!

Audrey shares her expertise and advice

Such a perfect day...great company and conversation! Too bad it had to end.

My choice spot for next time..somewhere along this dock...with oils!
Looks like we'll be back next week for more..just can't seem to get enough of this place!! It'll be Thursday again before you know it!!

It was OK to paint at the Marina!

The Palm Harbor Resort Marina...a quiet nautical place.. Our plein air day was a hot one, and there were 6 of us sizzling under the oaks at various angles painting the dock scenes. After some serious conversation with the manager about the privacy rights of their boat owners, and advice against photographing private property, we cautiously settled into the business of painting! During our short stay, we attracted the attention of several patrons and a few friendly boat owners who all admired and complimented our work!! One of them inquired about taking classes at the art league and even asked for directions!  And, since none of them complained or threatened us with lawsuits, we soon felt very welcome and even appreciated!
Dale uses a vibrant palette to bring the Marina to life!
A tree lover herself, Georgia gives hers real personality on canvas!... 
In this picture, it's hard to see Audrey's painting of sailors dining under the marina's umbrellas! But it was very nice!

 Dale's amazing Mini I-Pad! Didn't know I needed one til today!

A squirrel politely holds a pose and becomes part of my watercolor!

Having been a sailor herself, Rita makes sense of the confusing set of booms and shrouds, and a handsome dock hand comes over and confirms her understanding of the rigging!

Time to retreat when it becomes an oven in the shade!
Until Next Time!!