Day 14 - Annie Oakley Mural

 Here's Dakota, our vigilant mural painting companion
on this our 14th day! He stays put, unleashed, well 
mannered and friendly to everyone who comes by! What 
did we do to deserve such a dog!!      
     Well, a few moments after this picture was taken,
 the scaffolding lost a wheel and tipped over!! 
Thankfully we weren't on it, and it fell upright 
against the wall! It was a little too heavy for Ed and 
I to right it and replace the wheel..Just then, as we
 were wondering what to do, a young man, who had stopped
 earlier to admire our work came walking by again, and 
with his help, Ed was able to lift the corner up high 
enough for me to insert the wheel into its place!!  We
 thanked him, and learned that his day was spent all 
morning walking from his home to a job interview there 
in town. Ed offered to give him a lift home and he 
gratefully accepted...we're hoping he gets the job!  
 Here's my day's progress, a real challenge getting 
those windows to look right! This in addition to Ed 
laying on a second layer of white to the two white horses,
 and the rodeo rider's shirt! So far, we've put a few 
hundred $ worth of paint on the wall, spilled some of 
it on the parking lot, and of course we take home quite 
a bit on our clothes and hands!  It seems the further 
along we get, the more I see needs to be done, but I'm
guessing now, it might be really close to the end in
 about 12-13 more visits!
          And speaking of visits, thanks for yours!!

Annie Mural: Day 12

photo of Annie ( real name: Phoebe Ann Moses) go to link for info on her life

Annie's husband Frank Butler ( see the cowboy's face)
 Annie gets her gun, and Ed & I get our paintbrushes!! Into our 3rd week, and 12th visit to Palatka. We're using our old '95 Cavalier, so as not to get paint in the Nissan, and all that extra mileage...Only a few more miles left on that warranty! But our old faithful is an amazing vehicle. It may not go into 'Park' anymore but works just fine in 'Drive' and 'Reverse'! Once on the road, it's decent, and doubles every night as a little delivery truck! We usually leave the house at around 7am to be set up and painting 50 miles away at 8! We're using the amazing 'Modern Masters Theme Paints' from Starscenic in Orlando...the same company that supplies Disney World! You just can't buy a blue like that from any paint store!! I would recommend these paints to anyone doing mural work!
Ed's progress on the Framing on either side, Annie's gun painted in and some portraiture as well! Special thanks to Tomoyuki.Uchida for his permission to use one of his photos for a reference in the painting of Annie's horse
One of the rough riders gets a face! With a different hat, could this be a Frank Butler lookalike?
Frank Butler? maybe?

And still working on the buggy and figure on the corner

Looking closely, you can see it's not an easy wall surface for portraiture! The Conlee Snyder Mural Committee Chairman, a jaunty John Alexander perhaps?

And another portrait attempt on this rough wall!   And I hope this does justice to Clint Snyder, a founding member of the  Conlee Snyder Mural Committee!

 We're painting into the afternoon now that it has dropped into the 70-85 temps and hoping to finish in a few weeks! It was exciting to see ourselves on the front page of the Palatka Daily News, and look forward to the commemoration ceremony in December! I'm told they throw a big celebration for each mural completed! 

Palatka Mural Painting of Annie Oakley

Our tenth day with Annie in Palatka! While this technically doesn't qualify as 'plein air', we sure have been getting a lot of fresh air, and altitude too!! Our 56' mural is well underway, with most of the wall covered in bright 'Modern Masters Theme paint.. Come visit and see this mural taking shape on the Atomic Tee's west side wall in McKinnon's Furniture Outlet parking lot!
Special thanks to Tomoyuki.Uchida for his permission to use one of his photos for a reference in the painting of Annie's horse