Flagler down by Blue

No rain so far today!! We decided to take Dakota and my paints as well. Turning right on A1A, we noticed a few emergency vehicles around the pier area, but kept driving to find a spot where we could bring the dog.  I decided since we had an hour or so, before Ed's eyeglasses would be ready, I'd start my sketch right away. As usual, at the beach there never seems to be much to paint at first glance, so instead of doing the usual half hour search, I plopped down to sketch the stairs, which turned out to be a lot of fun! Ed took Dakota down a ways for a walk, while I went into my own little world once again trying my hand at watercolor!


Being of Irish decent, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for anything from that part of the world, and when I found this plein air ( Plein eire) blog from the Emerald Isle, I looked into it, and joined. They have a 'Yanks' group, representing Irish painters from the States, of which I became a part. Anyway, this link is a charming little video which I thought I'd post here, showing some wonderful footage of a place called Connemara.  I would imagine it's a favorite painting spot and if I lived within a hundred mile radius, I might spend a considerable amount of time there.  Check it out, and take a look at some of the art from this site. Enjoy!

Flo Under the Pier

So Thursday at 6 PM, we set up shop under the Flagler Beach Pier. Let's see, the yellow kayaks next to the turtle nest looked colorful...a possible still life for Dale, who positioned herself accordingly, and if it weren't for the incoming tide, she might have stayed there!
Here's Dale a minute before the tide rushed in!

Here's Mary Lee's first spot, tackling that old pier, one more time! And what a nice job too! In her unfinished watercolor you can see plans to add a fisherman about halfway out. Wonder if she'll keep  the purple hue in the pilings. Nice touch!
I like it already!!
 Dale and I changed our minds about the kayaks as soon as Flo offered to model!
 and she held that pose like a pro! 
my watercolor attempt at portraiture!
After an hour or so, the storm kicked in, and provided a nice light show all the way home!
I snapped away, trying to catch the lightning strikes without much success!

But the effects were interesting anyway!

 Come join us next time! Don't let dark clouds scare you away! It was an awesome evening!