Plein Air Painting at Sandy's

Warm sunshine and unrelenting winds blowing up and down the Intracoastal greeted us as our small group set up to paint at Sandy's elegant home in The Hammock!
When I arrived, Cindy had already made good progress on a few small watercolors!    Notice the composition and use of negative space in her watercolor portrait of Mary Lee, and her trio of vertical palms laid against the backdrop of land and sea! 

Here's my view of Mary Lee painting 
 an incredible blooming Bougainvillaea amid the Sea Grapes! 

A beautiful interpretation and charming mix of shape and color!
A short distance from Mary Lee's spot I decided to paint the clump of sea grapes with the house in the distance...It won't be the same finishing it at home though!
 Looking out toward the docks, we enjoyed our lunch and view from Sandy's gorgeous lanai and were treated to a piece of amazing pumpkin bread, compliments of our host, who graciously offered each of us a copy of the recipe! You can be sure I'll be buying my supply of Non Such mincemeat soon!   Thank you Sandy! Dale arrived in time for this, with every good intention to paint, but I'm glad she decided to visit instead! It was so good to see her looking healthy again!
Our thanks again to Sandy for this visit and the invitation to return! We all had a wonderful time!