Painting at Betty Steflick

                It was a peaceful and perfect day for plein air at Betty Steflick Park on Friday. Dale, Cindy and Mary Lee were set up and in full swing when I arrived. We had a great time talking, admiring each others work, and even watched a fascinating video clip about paper painting on Cindy's I- phone!!
We had a number of visitors including some joggers, a small curious crowd from a Montessori Day Care, a spotted visitor on a leash, and one with a beautiful shell!
Art is therapy, and the woods hold a restfulness that stirs the imagination!
   Dale's Pallet knife in oils
Mary Lee's watercolor
My watercolor of Dale painting

TIckle Tickle!

A great day at Nature Scapes!
      Taking pictures of this beautiful nursery could have taken the whole afternoon, with so much to see! There were pigmy goats, chickens and colorful roosters happily roaming around garden sculptures and pretty tropicals. An assortment exotic parrots called to each other from their spanish moss covered cages, and there was a potential painting at every turn. The woman who designed this place should be given some sort of art award for creating such a wonderful escape! 
     With lovebugs in the air, landing on everyone and everything, we chose our spots and got down to business!   Mary Lee settled in front of a pretty blooming trumpet plant and began working on a nice botanical study in watercolor. Dale set up her oils to capture the color and energy of a beautiful leafy potted plant that was blowing in the breeze! I finally decided to paint the pretty white Cockatoo sitting in his huge cage. How picturesque he looked in this environment! So planning on having a peaceful afternoon, I set up just off the pavement right next to his cage. Well the day was all about him from that point on! A beautiful bird, with the big mouth!  We were all thoroughly entertained by 'Teddy' the Cockatoo, who insisted on getting a rub with his nonstop outbursts of 'Tickle Me! Tickle Me! He would then turn his head to the side and lift up one wing, hoping for someone to get the hint! At one point, one of the staff opened his cage gave him a little 'tickle' and Teddy came out to join the party! He first examined and tasted my shoe, became a little bolder and walked over to investigate my art supplies. His then used his beak like a can opener, and punched a hole in the top of my water bottle, before trying to make off with my keys! (always had an issue with holding onto keys!)But it was a treat to paint this moving target.
  I'm sure we'll be back to paint again at
Nature Scapes in Bunnel, Fl.