Painting the Florida Panther

We painted and sketched at the  entrance to Linear Park at the
beautiful sculpture of Paul Baliker's   'Lion Around'

Mary is deciding on the view angle

Dale  is working on her watercolor

Bob & Janet Carlsen from the art league came by on their bikes.


Nina's beautiful oil of the Panther

Mary's watercolor

Dale's oil from Washington Oaks Pond

Princess Place Sept. 1, 2011

   By the time I arrived, Mary Lee and Dale had already been painting for a few hours, and were ready to move on to a new spot. So, we snapped a couple of pictures and hopped into our cars in search of that pretty scenic bridge we knew was somewhere near the canoe launch.
A vertical expanse of amazing live oak loomed up before us as our little caravan circled around thru the winding pathways of Princess Place. It's good to be back in the saddle again so to speak, and I sorely missed our plein air painting days!! 
Well, we finally found our bridge, which was still quite scenic, just as we remembered, but the air was a bit too hot there and very buggy. But it'll definitely make an idyllic painting spot.. and we'll be back, in January!
Besides, there was an inspiring breeze blowing off the water and a few empty rocking chairs waiting for us at the lodge! No artist in her right mind could pass up such an option!
 Even my little companion Dakota agreed it was the right thing to do. Now if only there was a way to buy the place and move here permanently!  I believe it's still open for discussion...
 Our three painting styles are portrayed below:

Dale's free spirited Blue on Blue marsh scene in oils! And her painting from the porch! Wonderful!

      Mary Lee's beautiful watercolor is delicate and inviting!And her cloud study is really nice!
  My blue on blue watercolor, overcome with greenish yellow!
Hope to see you next Thursday!

Washington Oaks Gardens August 25th

Mary's watercolor

the fountain

Dale's oil rendition