Washington Oaks Trip #2

 As usual, I arrived late to paint at Washington Oaks off A1A. The morning sky looked threatening, I guess the reason most of us decided to pass up this painting day. I parked the car, grabbed my painting gear and headed for the main house area where Mary Lee said she'd be.  It began to drizzle and I commented to a woman walking next to me how we really could use the rain here. Just then, it came down hard and everyone ran for cover. I made it to the door of the visitor's center just in time for a 20 minute torrential downpour! Shaking off the water from my bag, I stepped inside and decided just to wait it out. I called Mary Lee and she assured me she was protected under her umbrella at the rose garden!..Well, if you haven't been to the main house visiting area, it's a great place to wait. They have lots of brochures and a comfortable sitting room where you can watch a nature show on an old fashioned TV. I parked myself on the cushioned window seat and had fun  browsing through some old books on the shelves.   A few wet families came in to dry off til finally the sun broke through and all was well in paradise again. 

Our first paintings were done at the Rose Garden,
Mary Lee's Watercolor pencil Rose!

then the Koi Pond, and finally the Gazebo, where a mother bird was feeding her young up in the rafters! sooo cute! Look closely, you can see their little beaks!! .  It really was a beautiful trip, and I'm sorry more of us didn't have a chance to make it.
my watercolor of a Rose at the Rose Garden
Little blue flower in watercolor by the pond

Next Thursday we'll be going to Princess Place!!! can't wait!
For Butterflies Only!
 Pulling off the Greenway into Linear Park's parking lot, I spotted Mary's cool looking T-Bird and Mary, waiting patiently by the curb.  Dale and Jean arrived next. Then, a busy looking man with a clipboard hurried by and asked if we were the 'judges'! Apparently there was a high school science contest of some sort being held in the park, so we told him we'd be happy to do some judging if he wanted!   After a few more minutes, we decided to get started and rolled our assorted paraphernalia past the playground and away from the noisy exercise class to favorite spots around the park, but close enough to each other, to visit for friendly critiquing. We took a walk around, and I visited the Butterfly Garden . It was manned by the young gardeners themselves! They politely answered my questions, and explained how they had to carry the heavy coquina stones to the site, and haul water to the garden from across the bridge! After admiring their beautifully painted butterfly and moth picnic table, I decided to go and paint my birdhouse again, this time in oils! Dale set up too, in front of the same pretty water scene she painted last week. I was just positioning my easel when Mary and Jean came over looking very upset. They had gone over the bridge to see the Butterfly Garden and  inadvertently crossed paths with a nasty red fire ant colony! Isn't Florida wonderful?? Thank God for Jean, who was quick on the draw with the bug spray (With Deet!)  The rest of the afternoon was peaceful, and we were serenaded by a thousand little voices, singing away in the trees! I finished a small painting of one birdhouse, and decided to try the other with my pallet knife. Unfortunately it slipped later on and smeared all over my arm. Oh well. I'll just have to go back and try again!  
Mary sketched and painted seated figures of Dale and Jean, and produced this wonderful watercolor! And Jean's delicate 
study in watercolor is beautiful even in its unfinished state!
      Dale started another lively painting of her tree scene, and it promises to be very energetic too!Oh, I forgot to mention, Marge joined us too, and we all took turns visiting her at the picnic table and admiring watercolors she produced at an FCAL class! 
  Later we were visited by a strange looking critter that hopped onto her hat and later onto my back!! Dale's closeup shows the size of this thing! Does anyone know what it might be????

Come and paint with us next time at Washington Oaks! Don't forget bug repellent, and don't forget to check your email each week!!


Further progress on Dale's Linear Park Scene

Linear Park Scene- Oils- by Dale Petruska

Details that could be a painting!



Linear Park Adventure

 There were six of us at Linear Park on Wednesday, all but Dale painting in watercolor! One of these days I'd like to bring my oils too! Both Mary Lee and Dale found an inspiring woodsy water scene behind the main house, while Donna, Flo and Marge camped out with their paints at the picnic tables.  Everyone was excited about the colorful energy in Dale's Oil painting...What do you think??? Should she quit, or keep painting??

Well, Dal and I really learned a bunch about technique and style from Donna and Flo,
Donna's watercolor: simply beautiful 
I like Flo's free and easy style
who both chose the main house as subject matter! Very nice effects! And I appreciate Donna's willingness to let us watch over her shoulder! 
I parked my paints under a couple of birdhouses and tried to focus in spite of the racket!
My birdhouse scene

One thing about Linear Park, unless this was an unusual day, is that although beautiful it proved to be a noisy place, with visitors ranging from oak worms and lizards, giggling children on swings, numerous dog walkers ,bikers and even a posse of real estate students! There was a group of kids working on a butterfly garden down the path from where we were, and park workers with loud blowers too. But it was lots of fun, and we all voted to come back to this location next time!    
An interesting medal above the entrance of another birdhouse caught our attention

This little guy flew into view and mooned me just as I snapped the picture!
Ernie biked over to visit Mary as she painted 

I love Mary Lee's delicate touch

Art Festival and Gamble Rogers Outing

Displaying, singing and painting on location at the Palm Coast Spring Art Festival at City MarketPlace, some of us plein air painters worked upstairs  along the walkways and down below among the tents in the parking lot. In addition to the big exhibit held at FCAL and more at Hollingsworth, weekend gallery quarters were set up on the second floor for a student, photography and sculpture shows, an incredible colored pencil show, portraiture and bible stories on panels, land and seascapes in oils acrylic and watercolor. Just way too much to see that weekend!!! AND there were crowds! 
I grabbed my husband for a quick sketch outside our gallery
A mini performance by Ed Mateyunas filled the air in our gallery space!

Even without electricity, all the galleries had plenty of natural lighting!

Art here by Stan Kitching, Tom Rogereo, Lucy Suhr, and yours truly!
Mary Lee enjoyed using her watercolor pencils, with incredible results!!!   SOOOO Pretty!!!!

 One of my favorites, although the belly dancing was fun too!

Kathy Kiley and Jackie Ware made the front page of the Freestyle section of the News Journal!
Another art form perhaps?
There were a variety of fashion statements!
A really good show!!!


GAMBLE ROGERS...........................
On the beach side of the park, Dale and Mary Lee brave the fire ants and set up to paint!
Mary Lee's vantage point 

My watercolor crayon painting of a Prickly Pear
Like so many fingers and toes pointing in all directions
 The impossible challenge: Saw Palmetto in watercolor!
Dale's fiery colors does justice to a prickly pear cactus landscape!

Mary Lee's delicate seascape scene with the beach-walk, cactus and dunes

 G'nite all!