At the Waterfront Park....Thurs. 3/24/11

One after another, a variety of sailboats cruised by on this perfectly gorgeous day for painting!

There were a variety of onlookers too!

The scene from where Mary sat....

came to life in this pretty watercolor!!

Using watercolor crayons, I made another attempt at a tree I started to paint once before-I'll finish it next time! 

Rita graciously shared her brush with a young admirer, possibly one of a younger generation of plein air painters!

Jen, Dale, Rita, Donna, Mary and I tackled the ICW from different angles.
In addition to just having a great time, I always learn some new watercolor technique or bit of advice! Thanks to all for sharing your experiences and for being a part of this blog!

Flagler Beach Plein Air Day

  It was a beautiful hot summer like day on the sand, and
Jackie, Mary and Kathy were already sketching and painting when I arrived.   

Mary's umbrella protected her while she finished 
 her watercolor for this vibrant rendition of the Flagler Pier!

I took a few pictures of the group before retreating with Jackie and Kathy to the shade under the pier.
Kathy posed for my sketch and photo, which I'll be finishing soon I hope!

Ravine Gardens Trip

  Armed with watercolors, bug spray, cameras and guitar, Dale and I, and my husband Ed climbed into our gas saving Sentra, and made the long trek to Palatka's Ravine Gardens. Determined not to miss this year's blooming azaleas, we celebrated the gorgeous day with plein air painting and song!
What can I say...the colors were explosive and majestic, the air fragrant and sweet......

Frequent Flyers Everywhere!!
 Like listening to a real life environmental tape, the sounds of birds, bees and babbling brooks beckoned from the ravine below...Well, I guess part of the fun of 'plein air' is the preliminary hike for the perfect spot to paint!!.
Yes, it's Dale in Wonderland!

More Idyllic Bliss around every bend!

Sheltered little water lily pokes thru  to a forest of  Giants..

This hillside was littered with color!So how to make magenta?

And then there were the classic scenic beauty spots like this one!

My husbands wonderful voice serenaded us into the afternoon


" If I close my eyes....

 ....they won't see me..."but we did, and took plenty of pix!!

Definition of peace:

Anyone interested?  Ravine Gardens is one place we should keep on our list!

Waterfront Park Visit..Wed. March 3rd, 2011M

Dale and Mary Lee bravely faced the wind at Waterfront Park Wednesday.
Mary Lee's Colored Pencil 'Spring Trees'

Dale's 'Spring Trees' in watercolor