Painting at Paul Baliker's

Our group had the privilege back in October, to visit and paint at Paul Baliker's Museum off A1A!!
He was very easy going about having us there, and made us feel right at home! His museum is an amazing place to see, and anyone living in Florida should make the time to go! Many of his sculptures are inspired by the huge pieces of driftwood he sculpts into fantastic underwater scenes, sea creatures, mermaids etc. His 'Ocean Exodus' sculpture, a tremendous work of art sits in the middle of his parking lot like some incredible centerpiece. The interior of the museum is packed with amazing wall pieces, beautiful sculptures and outrageous furniture also from driftwood. He shares the space with other artists like Trip Harrison and his mom, whose religious pieces are very unique!
  My rendition of the 'Ocean Exodus' sculpture

 We enjoyed our visit and want tothank Paul Baliker
for his hospitality towards our plein air group!


A Hot Breezy Day at Waterfront Park in November!

Early morning rain, thunder and lightning gave way to warm sunshine for 
our painting day at Waterfront Park. Dakota and I came down around 11 and parked ourselves at our usual bench
where Mary Lee had set up shop along the Intracoastal. A delightfully warm breeze reaffirmed my reasons for living in Florida as we admired the view. We snapped a few perfect pictures of  passing sailboats when a family of dolphins surfaced several times, and then disappeared out of view. Darn, my camera was a little slow on the draw that time!
Deciding to paint something small, Mary Lee chose a few pretty fall leaves, simple and colorful for her composition.
And just look at this watercolor!!!!
I brought just a pen and sketch pad with me, and found some pine cones and an interesting shell, home for some little critter that never completely emerged, except for poking it's claw out now and then. With our found objects from the woods and water, we settled down and worked on our still-lifes until the wind picked up and finally chased us away.
'Winchester' the Golden Retriever, one of many friendly dogs being walked along Waterfront Park's paths.

Painting at Betty Steflick

                It was a peaceful and perfect day for plein air at Betty Steflick Park on Friday. Dale, Cindy and Mary Lee were set up and in full swing when I arrived. We had a great time talking, admiring each others work, and even watched a fascinating video clip about paper painting on Cindy's I- phone!!
We had a number of visitors including some joggers, a small curious crowd from a Montessori Day Care, a spotted visitor on a leash, and one with a beautiful shell!
Art is therapy, and the woods hold a restfulness that stirs the imagination!
   Dale's Pallet knife in oils
Mary Lee's watercolor
My watercolor of Dale painting

TIckle Tickle!

A great day at Nature Scapes!
      Taking pictures of this beautiful nursery could have taken the whole afternoon, with so much to see! There were pigmy goats, chickens and colorful roosters happily roaming around garden sculptures and pretty tropicals. An assortment exotic parrots called to each other from their spanish moss covered cages, and there was a potential painting at every turn. The woman who designed this place should be given some sort of art award for creating such a wonderful escape! 
     With lovebugs in the air, landing on everyone and everything, we chose our spots and got down to business!   Mary Lee settled in front of a pretty blooming trumpet plant and began working on a nice botanical study in watercolor. Dale set up her oils to capture the color and energy of a beautiful leafy potted plant that was blowing in the breeze! I finally decided to paint the pretty white Cockatoo sitting in his huge cage. How picturesque he looked in this environment! So planning on having a peaceful afternoon, I set up just off the pavement right next to his cage. Well the day was all about him from that point on! A beautiful bird, with the big mouth!  We were all thoroughly entertained by 'Teddy' the Cockatoo, who insisted on getting a rub with his nonstop outbursts of 'Tickle Me! Tickle Me! He would then turn his head to the side and lift up one wing, hoping for someone to get the hint! At one point, one of the staff opened his cage gave him a little 'tickle' and Teddy came out to join the party! He first examined and tasted my shoe, became a little bolder and walked over to investigate my art supplies. His then used his beak like a can opener, and punched a hole in the top of my water bottle, before trying to make off with my keys! (always had an issue with holding onto keys!)But it was a treat to paint this moving target.
  I'm sure we'll be back to paint again at
Nature Scapes in Bunnel, Fl.

Painting the Florida Panther

We painted and sketched at the  entrance to Linear Park at the
beautiful sculpture of Paul Baliker's   'Lion Around'

Mary is deciding on the view angle

Dale  is working on her watercolor

Bob & Janet Carlsen from the art league came by on their bikes.


Nina's beautiful oil of the Panther

Mary's watercolor

Dale's oil from Washington Oaks Pond

Princess Place Sept. 1, 2011

   By the time I arrived, Mary Lee and Dale had already been painting for a few hours, and were ready to move on to a new spot. So, we snapped a couple of pictures and hopped into our cars in search of that pretty scenic bridge we knew was somewhere near the canoe launch.
A vertical expanse of amazing live oak loomed up before us as our little caravan circled around thru the winding pathways of Princess Place. It's good to be back in the saddle again so to speak, and I sorely missed our plein air painting days!! 
Well, we finally found our bridge, which was still quite scenic, just as we remembered, but the air was a bit too hot there and very buggy. But it'll definitely make an idyllic painting spot.. and we'll be back, in January!
Besides, there was an inspiring breeze blowing off the water and a few empty rocking chairs waiting for us at the lodge! No artist in her right mind could pass up such an option!
 Even my little companion Dakota agreed it was the right thing to do. Now if only there was a way to buy the place and move here permanently!  I believe it's still open for discussion...
 Our three painting styles are portrayed below:

Dale's free spirited Blue on Blue marsh scene in oils! And her painting from the porch! Wonderful!

      Mary Lee's beautiful watercolor is delicate and inviting!And her cloud study is really nice!
  My blue on blue watercolor, overcome with greenish yellow!
Hope to see you next Thursday!